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Terms and Conditions of Use explain the operation of the website, the privacy policy and also inform the rules and obligations of the users of the website. By using the site, the user demonstrates that he has accepted the terms of service.


When accessing the site the user is automatically accepting the rules and limits of this term of service. If the user considers that information has been posted incomplete, meaningless and with dubious interests, the website reserves the right to correct these posts.

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Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what personal data the website processes, how GERAMUSICA performs this processing and for what purposes.

The website uses cookies and browsing information (browser session) in order to update you with content published on the website. Throughout this process we keep your information in absolute confidentiality. It is worth remembering that your data is recorded by our website in an automated way, eliminating human manipulation.


Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer’s hard drive when you first visit them. The function of cookies is to notify the website when you return. Although misuse is possible when storing personal data, cookies themselves are not malicious.

Many websites, including GERAMUSICA, use cookies. Cookies tell us how often you visit pages, which helps us find out what information is of interest to you. In this way, we can offer more of the content you like and less of what you don’t like.

Cookies can help you be more efficient. Have you ever placed an item in a virtual shopping cart at an online store and, a few days later, when you returned, found that the item was still there? This is an example of a working cookie.
Cookies allow you to store preferences and usernames, register products and services and even personalize pages.

But if you never register or leave personal information on the website, the server will only know that someone with your cookie has returned to the website. He will know nothing more than that.


The site respects the local copyright law. All content available on the site is for promotional purposes only, the site does not claim copyright for any of the published articles and any claim by the artist or producer will be removed immediately without notice!

If any material within the site or indexed by GERAMUSICA is protected by copyright, and you wish the material to be removed, you can contact our team in the form of a communication by email: [email protected], informing the exact content by which copyright property is claimed.