LipeSky – Hype (EP)

LipeSky - Hype EP

The new ep by LipeSky, titled Hype including collaboration with Slim Boy, Lil Mac, Altifridi, D3GV$, Eric Rodrigues, Xuxu Bower, Yuppie Supremo, Lil Drizzy and Trinity, is now available on all digital platforms in mp3/zip format.

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01. LipeSky – Let’s Get It (feat. Slim Boy & Lil Mac)
02. LipeSky – Exagero Na 12
03. LipeSky – Copos De Hennessy
04. LipeSky – Laya
05. LipeSky – Remember Me (feat. Altifridi, D3GV$ & Eric Rodrigues)
06. LipeSky – Iluminado (feat. Xuxu Bower & Yuppie Supremo)
07. LipeSky – Jackie Chan (feat. Lil Drizzy, Trinity & Eric Rodrigues)

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