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Monday, January 25, 2021

DJ Call Me – Maxaka (Album)

DJ Call Me - Maxaka (Album)

The new Album by DJ Call Me, titled Lengoma including collaboration with Liza Miro, Muungu Queen,Mapara A Jazz, Miss Twaggy, Jazzy Deep, Makhadzi, Mr Brown, Dj Dance, Double Trouble, Dj Obza, King Mohwabha, Dj Active & Thebza De Queen, Dr Malinga, Mr Brown, Dj Miscy, Shony Mrepa, Prince Benza, Max Man, Brian Msemza and Villager S.A, is now available in mp3 format. Download on our website, leave your comment below and register on the site to receive notifications of new updates by e-mail.

Artist: DJ Call Me
Title: Maxaka (Album)
Genre: Afro House,Amapiano,Dance,Kwaito
Format: Mp3,Zip
Released Year: 2020
Size: 140 MB


  1. DJ Call Me – Khoma La (feat. Mapara A Jazz, Miss Twaggy & Jazzy Deep)
  2. DJ Call Me – Maxaka (feat. Makhadzi, Mr Brown & Dj Dance)
  3. DJ Call Me – Marry Me (feat. Liza Miro, Double Trouble & Mr Brown)
  4. DJ Call Me – Swanda Ntha (Amapiano Mix) (feat. Dj Obza & Makhadzi)
  5. DJ Call Me – Kweta (feat. Makhadzi & Double Trouble)
  6. DJ Call Me – Impilo e Limpopo ft (feat. Miss Twaggy & Muungu Queen)
  7. DJ Call Me – Makoti Pitori (feat. Vee Mampeezy, Makhadzi & Dj Dance)
  8. DJ Call Me – Lengoma (feat. Liza Miro, Muungu Queen & Villager S.A)
  9. DJ Call Me – Ex Ya Gago (feat. King Mohwabha & Dj Dance)
  10. DJ Call Me – Mahoboko (feat. Dj Active & Thebza De Queen)
  11. DJ Call Me – Let it Go (feat. Dr Malinga, Mr Brown & Dj Miscy)
  12. DJ Call Me – Vhaszdzi (feat. Shony Mrepa)
  13. DJ Call Me – Swanda Ntha (feat. Makhadzi)
  14. DJ Call Me – Lepara Ke Nna (feat. Prince Benza & Max Man)
  15. DJ Call Me – O Fihlile (feat. Prince Benza & Brian Msemza)


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